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Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012


TRAVEL Hijra of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

TRAVEL Hijra of the Prophet Muhammad SAW
By: Syahid43
After experiencing years of grief, the Messenger of Allah ordered for the Hijrah to Madinah. That night the Prophet was visited by the angel Gabriel to convey, "O Messenger of Allah! Thou shalt not sleep tonight on a bed you that you have used to sleep on it. Allah commands you to go to move to Medina. "Diyatakan also by Gabriel as that for a fellow traveling companion is his best friend Abu Bakr al-Siddiq ra.

(Source: Completeness PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH Tarikh KH Moenawar Chalil Volume 1)

Meanwhile, the leaders of Quraysh had intended to kill him. They have prepared their choice of twelve young men from each tribe to kill the Prophet. When the twelve young men were ready waiting for her at the door of his house, in the Messenger of Allah said to his nephew Ali bin Abi Talib, "Lie down on my bed, and use a regular blanket I used, by Allah, you will be safe from them." Then Ali was lying in bed he. Then the Prophet came out of his house and grabbed a handful of sand and then blow it into the air. Then he took another handful and sprinkle on the head of the youth. With the power of God, the youths can not see him. As God in His Word Letter Ceritrakan Yaasin Paragraph 9

وجعلنا من بين أيديهم سدا ومن خلفهم سدا فأغشيناهم

فهم لايبصرون

"And We have put in front of them

dindingdan behind their walls, and

We cover them so that they

can not

look. "

(Yaasiin: 9)

When twelve-conscious young man, there is a man who came past them and ask, "What are you waiting in front of the house of Muhammad?" They replied, "We are waiting for him out of the house," the man then said, "You deceived, Muhammad had just passed in front of you, he and his companions had left Makkah now. "
After the incident, the leaders of Quraysh amok and create competition. Namely, those who managed to capture the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr, will be rewarded 100 camels. So the residents of Makkah immediately in droves, looking for him and his friend.
Messenger of Allah left the house and headed home his friend Abu Bakr ra, on the 27th of Nubuwwah Shafar 14 years. He then immediately left Makkah along with his friend quietly. They headed to a hill behind Makkah called Bukit Tsaur, there is a cave that Tsaur bernam Cave. Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr ra live in a cave for three nights. During that time they were always accompanied by Abdullah bin Abu Bakr in the night, the day mingling with the young Abdullah in Makkah to get information about what was done by the leaders of Quraysh. The information reported to the Prophet and Abu Bakr in the evening. The Prophet and Abu Bakr got the milk of sheep owned by Abu Bakr, who pastored by aides around the cave, which is also useful to remove traces of Abdullah in the afternoon.
After three days in the cave Tsaur, the Prophet and Abu Bakr ra to continue the journey. They hired a named Abdullah bin Uraiqith polytheists to be a guide. Amir bin along with the three of them went to Medina Fuhairah through unusual channels. During the trip they had several meetings with people around. Once when Abu Bakr was the Prophet dibonceng, there is someone who recognizes it, then ask "Who is the person who was in front of you?" Abu Bakr Answer, "He is pointing the way.".
In an area near Makkah, there are a bunch of people named in it terdapatseorang, Suraqah bin Malik. Then a man came and told him that he saw a group of people in the desert that he is Muhammad and his companions. Suraqah then said, "No, they are so and so son of so and so who went without wanting to be seen.". After the assembly was over, Suraqah immediately went home and ordered aides to prepare a horse behind a hill and menuggunya. After that he was preparing weapons and aides immediately see behind the hill. He then rode to catch up quickly once the Messenger of Allah. When the distance they are getting closer, suddenly plunged his horse front legs and she bounced away. He quickly got up and chased back, but the same events happen again, his horse slipped and he bounced away again. He was repeating for the third time, but the same events happen again. Until he finally gave up and said to the Messenger of Allah is not far from him. "Behold, thy people had prepared a great gift to be able to catch you," He also preached in Makkah diakatakan what about them, then Suraqah offer the property to him, but the apostle simply says, "hide our journey." Suraqah then ask for written language to be a guarantee for him . The Prophet then asked Amir bin Fuhairah wrote it down on a sheet of skin.
After that, the Prophet and his entourage moved on. They then came to a tent belonging Ma'bad Umm. He was sitting on the porch of his tent. Then the Prophet said to Um Ma'bad, "Is there anything you can give to us to relieve our thirst?" He replied, "We do not have anything to drink, while my husband was away and this is a famine, the sheep We have not issued more milk. "The Prophet then approached the thin ewe. He then said to Um Ma'bad, "What about this sheep?" He replied, "it was not sheep gave birth to more children and do not remove more milk." The Prophet asked, "Can I memerahnya?" He replied, "Please it. "The Prophet then hold lamb milk glands, while reading the holy names of God. Soon the sheep mammary gland is enlarged, then Prophet asked Um Ma'bad to fetch a bowl, then he milked the sheep so that the basin was filled. The Prophet gave the milk directly to Umm Ma'bad who drank until satiated. Then he flushed the sheep back up to full-back basin, and the Prophet gave milk to the friends of companions until they are full, then Prophet milking the milk back up to full-back basin, and then he gave to Umm Ma'bad. The Prophet and his companions moved on.
Along the way Prophet met with Abu Buraidah, he and his troops are in search of him to get the promised reward the leaders of Quraysh. But when he was confronted with the Messenger of Allah, and speak with him, immediately he and seventy troops to Islam. He then ripped off his white robe, and tied to his spear to be used as a flag as a sign that a prophet who would bring truth and justice will spread all over the world have come.
The Prophet also met Az-Zubair who had converted to Islam. He then told me about the people of Medina when he heard the coming of the Holy Prophet, they were all out of his house and into the field, waiting for the Holy Prophet and his entourage. Then they came to the Quba 'there Prophet and his companions stayed for four days, where they also met with Ali bin Abi Talib who follow them and stay together with the Prophet. At Quba 'Messenger of Allah and his friends founded a mosque that was built with devotion to God. This is the first mosque built by the Muslims since the prophetic. In the Prophet's mosque was also the first Friday prayers with his companions.
After Friday prayers, the Holy Prophet and his companions entered Medina, he uasailah Hijarah trip marked the arrival of the Prophet peace be upon him in the blessed city that would become the residence he and his companions, the city where the Holy Prophet established order of social life and state The first is simply based on the Qur'an and Sunnah, a city full of blessings and the city where a lot of unresolved issues .... Islamic Ummah MADINAHAL-MUNAWWAROH,,,,.
(Source: From Various Sources)



Oleh: Syahid43
Setelah mengalami tahun kesedihan, Rasulullah diperintah Allah untuk Hijrah menuju Madinah. Malam itu Rasulullah saw didatangi oleh malaikat Jibril as yang menyampaikan, “Wahai Rasulullah! Janganlah engkau tidur malam ini di atas tempat tidur engkau yang engkau telah biasa tidur diatasnya. Sesungguhnya Allah menyuruh engkau supaya berangkat hijrah ke Madinah.” Diyatakan pula oleh Jibril as bahwa untuk kawan seperjalanannya ialah sahabatnya Abu bakar Ash-Shiddiq ra.
(Sumber :Kelengkapan Tarikh NABI MUHAMMAD saw Jilid 1 K.H. Moenawar Chalil)
Sementara itu, para pemuka Quraisy sudah berniat akan membunuh beliau. Mereka telah mempersiapkan dua belas pemuda pilihan mereka dari tiap-tiap suku untuk membunuh Nabi saw. Ketika ke-duabelas pemuda sudah siap menunggu Beliau di depan pintu rumahnya, di dalam Rasulullah bersabda kepada keponakannya Ali bin Abi Thalib, ” Berbaringlah di tempat tidurku, dan gunakanlah selimut yang biasa kugunakan, Demi Allah, kau akan aman dari mereka.” maka Ali pun berbaring di tempat tidur Beliau. Kemudian Rasulullah keluar dari rumahnya dan mengambil segenggam pasir kemudian meniupnya ke arah udara. Lalu ia mengambil segenggam lagi dan menaburkannya di kepala para pemuda tersebut. Dengan kekuasaan Allah, para pemuda tersebut tidak dapat melihat beliau. Seperti yang Allah Ceritrakan dalam firmanNya Surat Yaasin Ayat 9
وَجَعَلْنَا مِن بَيْنِ أَيْدِيهِمْ سَدّاً وَمِنْ خَلْفِهِمْ سَدّاً فَأَغْشَيْنَاهُمْ

فَهُمْ لاَيُبْصِرُونَ

” Dan Kami adakan di hadapan mereka
dindingdan di belakang mereka dinding, dan
Kami tutup mereka sehingga mereka
tak dapat
(Yaasiin : 9)

Ketika duabelas pemuda tersebut sadar, ada seorang laki-laki yang datang melewati mereka dan bertanya, ”Apa yang kalian tunggu di depan rumah Muhammad?” mereka menjawab, ”Kami menunggunya keluar dari dalam rumah,” laki-laki tersebut kemudian berkata, ”Kalian tertipu, Muhammad baru saja lewat dihadapan kalian, ia dan sahabatnya sudah pergi meninggalkan Makkah sekarang.”
Setelah kejadian itu, para pemuka Quraisy mengamuk dan membuat sayembara. Yaitu, barangsiapa yang berhasil menangkap Rasulullah saw dan Abu Bakar, akan dihadiahi 100 ekor unta. Maka para penduduk Makkah dengan segera berbondong-bondong, mencari beliau dan sahabatnya.

Rasulullah saw meninggalkan rumah dan segera menuju rumah sahabatnya Abu Bakar r.a, pada tanggal 27 shafar tahun 14 dari Nubuwwah. Kemudian Beliau beserta sahabatnya segera meninggalkan Makkah dengan diam-diam. Mereka menuju ke sebuah bukit di belakang Makkah yang bernama Bukit Tsaur, disana terdapat sebuah gua yang bernam Gua Tsaur. Rasulullah saw dan Abu Bakar r.a tinggal dalam gua tersebut selama tiga malam. Selama itu mereka selalu ditemani oleh Abdullah bin Abu Bakar pada malam hari, pada siang hari Abdullah berbaur dengan para pemuda di Makkah untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang apa yang dilakukan oleh para pemuka Quraisy. Informasi tersebut diberitakan kepada Nabi saw dan Abu Bakar pada malam harinya. Rasul saw dan Abu Bakar mendapat susu dari Domba milik Abu Bakar, yang digembalakan oleh pembantunya di sekitar gua, yang juga berguna untuk menghapus jejak Abdullah pada siang harinya.

Setelah tiga hari berada di Gua Tsaur, Rasulullah saw dan Abu Bakar r.a melanjutkan perjalanan. Mereka mengupah seorang Musyrik bernama Abdullah bin Uraiqith untuk menjadi penunjuk jalan. Mereka bertiga beserta Amir bin Fuhairah berangkat menuju Madinah melalui jalur yang tidak biasa. Selama perjalanan mereka mengalami beberapa kali pertemuan dengan orang-orang sekitar. Suatu kali ketika Abu Bakar sedang dibonceng Rasulullah saw, ada seseorang yang mengenalinya, kemudian bertanya ”Siapa orang yang berada di depanmu itu?” Abu Bakar Menjawab, ” Ia adalah penunjuk jalanku.”.

Di suatu daerah di dekat Makkah, ada sekumpulan orang-orang yang didalamnya terdapatseorang bernama, Suraqah bin Malik. Kemudian seorang laki-laki datang dan berkata padanya bahwa ia melihat ada sekelompok orang di gurun yang menurutnya adalah Muhammad dan kawan-kawannya. Suraqah kemudian berkata, ”Bukan, mereka adalah Fulan bin Fulan yang pergi tanpa ingin dilihat.”. Setelah perkumpulan itu usai, Suraqah dengan segera pulang ke rumahnya dan menyuruh pembantunya untuk mempersiapkan seekor kuda di belakang bukit dan menuggunya. Setelah itu ia mempersiapkan persenjataan dan segera menemui pembantunya di belakang bukit. Ia lalu memacu kudanya dengan cepat sekali untuk mengejar Rasulullah saw. Ketika jarak mereka semakin dekat, tiba-tiba kaki depan kudanya terperosok dan ia terpental jauh. Ia segera bangkit dan mengejar kembali, tetapi kejadian yang sama terulang lagi, kudanya terperosok dan ia terpental jauh kembali. Ia mengulangnya untuk yang ketiga kalinya, tapi kejadian yang sama terulang lagi. Sampai akhirnya ia menyerah dan berkata pada Rasulullah saw yang tidak jauh lagi darinya. ”Sesungguhnya kaummu telah mempersiapkan hadiah besar untuk bisa menangkapmu,” Ia juga mengabarkan apa yang diakatakan penduduk Makkah tentang mereka, lalu Suraqah menawarkan harta kepada Beliau, tetapi Rasul hanya berkata, ”Rahasiakan perjalanan kami.” Suraqah kemudian meminta tulisan yang dapat menjadi jaminan untuknya. Rasulullah saw kemudian meminta Amir bin Fuhairah menulisnya di atas sebuah lembaran kulit.

Setelah itu, Nabi beserta rombongannya melanjutkan perjalanan. Mereka kemudian sampai pada sebuah tenda milik Ummu Ma’bad. Ia sedang duduk-duduk di serambi tendanya. Lalu Rasul bertanya kepada Ummu Ma’bad, ” Adakah yang dapat kau berikan kepada kami untuk menghilangkan rasa haus kami?” ia menjawab, ”Kami tidak memiliki apa-apa yang dapat diminum, sedang suamiku sedang pergi dan ini adalah paceklik, domba-domba kami sudah tidak mengeluarkan susu lagi.” lalu Rasul saw mendekati seekor domba betina yang kurus. Ia lalu berkata kepada Ummu Ma’bad, ”Bagaimana dengan domba ini?” ia menjawab, ” domba itu sudah tidak melahirkan anak lagi dan tidak mengeluarkan susu lagi.” Rasul saw bertanya lagi, ”Bolehkah aku memerahnya?” ia menjawab, ” Silahkan Saja.” kemudian Rasulullah saw memegang kelanjar susu Domba tersebut, sambil membaca asma Allah. Tak lama kemudian kelenjar susu domba tersebut membesar, lalu Rasul saw meminta Ummu Ma’bad untuk mengambilkan baskom, kemudian beliau memerah susu Domba tersebut sehingga penuh baskom tadi. Rasul saw memberikan susu tersebut untuk Ummu Ma’bad yang langsung diminumnya hingga kenyang. Lalu beliau memerah kembali domba tersebut hingga penuh kembali baskom tersebut, lalu Rasul saw memberikan susu tersebut kepada sahabat-sahabat seperjalanan hingga mereka kenyang, lalu Rasul saw memerah kembali susu tersebut hingga sepenuh baskom kembali, lalu beliau berikan kepada Ummu Ma’bad. Rasul saw dan sahabat-sahabatnya kembali melanjutkan perjalanan.

Di tengah perjalanan Rasulullah saw bertemu dengan Abu Buraidah, ia dan pasukannya memang sedang mencari-cari beliau untuk mendapatkan hadiah yang dijanjikan para pemuka Quraisy. Namun ketika ia sudah berhadapan dengan Rasulullah saw dan berbicara dengan beliau, seketika itu juga ia dan tujuh puluh pasukannya masuk Islam. Ia lalu merobek jubah putihnya dan diikat pada tombaknya untuk dijadikan bendera sebagai tanda bahwa seorang Nabi yang akan membawa kebenaran dan akan menyebarkan keadilan di seluruh penjuru bumi telah datang.

Rasulullah saw juga bertemu dengan Az-Zubair yang telah masuk Islam. Ia kemudian bercerita tentang penduduk Madinah ketika mendengar kedatangan Nabi saw, mereka semua keluar dari rumahnya dan menuju tanah lapang, menunggu Nabi saw dan rombongannya. Kemudian sampailah mereka di daerah Quba’ disana Rasul saw dan sahabat-sahabatnya menetap selama empat hari, disana mereka juga bertemu dengan Ali bin Abi Thalib yang menyusul mereka dan menginap bersama dengan Nabi saw. Di Quba’ Rasulullah saw dan sahabat-sahabatnya mendirikan sebuah Masjid yang dibangun dengan ketakwaan kepada Allah. Ini adalah Masjid pertama yang dibangun oleh Ummat Islam sejak kenabian. Di Masjid tersebut juga Nabi saw melakukan shalat Jum’at pertama kali dengan para sahabat.

Seusai Shalat Jum’at, Nabi saw dan sahabat-sahabatnya memasuki Madinah, maka uasailah perjalanan Hijarah beliau yang ditandai dengan sampainya Nabi saw di Kota penuh berkah yang nantinya menjadi tempat tinggal beliau dan para sahabat, kota dimana Nabi saw mendirikan tatanan kehidupan bermasyarakat dan bernegara pertama yang hanya berbasiskan Al-Qur’an dan As-Sunnah, kota yang penuh keberkahan dan kota tempat banyak permasalahan Ummat Islam terselesaikan....MADINAHAL-MUNAWWAROH,,,,.
(Sumber: Dari Berbagai Sumber)

Kamis, 19 April 2012



Denpasar, August 26, 1983

Luna Maya star started his career as a catwalk model, and develop themselves in the role of art, whether movies or soap operas. Achievements of the prominence as a model is chosen as the Star Lux 2006 Luna.
Titled his film debut, LOOKING FOR LOVE 30 DAYS (2004), where in the film, Luna antagonistic role as Barbara, a beautiful girl and sexy idol. Although a small role in the film, Luna is considered a success.
A year later, Luna again involved in film BROWNIES (2005). As in the previous film, the film director Hanung Bramantyo, Luna still get a small role. The new Luna get the lead role, starring as Ward 13 (2005) to portray the character of Mina.
Luna getting bounced in the name of entertainment, while playing a movie LOVE SILVER with Rima Melati and Catherine Wilson.
In addition to the above films, the former girlfriend Fachry Albar, also starred ROOM, Jakarta Undercover, Alexandria and MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN.
Even in 2006, through the film managed to deliver himself in Indonesia Film Festival nomination Best Actress category.
Students majoring in International Relations University of Paramadina also starred in several soap operas among them, AND, YOU AND ME, THERE IS LOVE, and ANGGUN secret.
The new film titled Luna IN THE NAME OF LOVE, directed by Rudy Soedjarwo.
Luna is the icon of a product sponsoring the Beijing Olympics, a chance to carry the Olympic flame around Istora 2008. This activity as part of a ceremonial trip to the Beijing Olympic flame.
Besides active in the entertainment world, Luna is also doing business in the field of fashion, by opening a boutique called LM Hardware in Bandung and Jakarta.
Luna also more shining star of 2008, as ambassador of one of Luna coupled electronic products, Toshiba, and also became an icon
On 27 November Luna opened the barber shop business in Kemang NEW GLORY HAIR 1 No.2B Unit 3 Jakarta. One of the stock when he was no longer exist in the world of entertainment.
Beginning in December 2008, Luna returned a relationship with a former boyfriend, Ariel Peterpan, the widower status after the divorce from Sarah Amalia on May 27, 2008.