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Jumat, 23 April 2010

Deskripsi tentang artis dalam bahasa inggris

Esa Sigit

Despite her age spelled out young, but young star Esa Sigit got enough experience in acting the big screen. Starting from the World They, Hurricane Pass Surely, the most recent and Wet, a film starring him. But for this latest film, Esa admitted quite shocked when knowing his role.

"So pass I get ditawarin I do not know what role, turned out to fit the new reading is found out that his role Didot, a nerd," said Esa when met after the launch of her latest film, Wet Planet Hollywood on Tuesday (12 / 8) yesterday afternoon.

Recognized one, get this geeky role he should feel happy, because he saw that the character is a character that Didot most have a major problem compared to other characters, because not even feel wet dreams.

"I'm very pleased get this character, because in this movie role I'm bigger than the movie I was before," said the boy was born 4 September 1994.

To get a character that culunnya, Esa confessed often watched her friend at school who thinks Didot in accordance with the character in the film. "Actually it's just aja Seeing their looks, rich greasy hair, or clothes pake gede-gede so," said Esa. And the rest, was recognized by the One he tried to create characters that the improvisations that culunnya terfikirkan by him.

"The rest that I change is the behavior, I try sesuain same characters in the role," said Esa.

Wow already wealthy senior.

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